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Natural Genius STEM Solutions began as desire to find science content that appealed to me and reflected the students in my classes. I could never find what I wanted so I started creating it myself.  I always asked myself the question, “what can do to close the gap in learning gains for our students?” I wanted to provide resources for parents and teachers that would cultivate, and sustain STEM engagement. African American students often miss such opportunities.

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My Story

I am first, a mother of two beautiful & talented daughters, Jade- 16, and Jayla- 14. I am a distinguished-rated STEM Professional. My classroom instruction experience includes Advanced Placement Chemistry, General & Honors Chemistry, Physical Science, and Agriscience Foundations at the secondary level. This year I entered my 12th year as a teacher in secondary science. My STEM experience has afforded me the opportunity to touch all levels of Pre K- 12 science education. I hold certifications in Pre K- Primary, Chemistry 6-12, Agriculture 6-12, and Educational Leadership.


My goal as an educator is to provide a 21st century learning environment through technology integration, coherent instruction, and engaging project-based learning experiences. My educational accolades include Volusia County School's Digital Learner Award (2016-2017), Mainland High School's Science Teacher of the Year (2019-2020), Mainland High School's Teacher of the Year (2022-2023), and a Top 5 Finalist for Volusia County Schools Teacher of the Year (2022-2023). I am a graduate of Florida A&M University where I earned Bachelor of Science degree in Biological & Agricultural Systems Engineering (2004). I also earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Stetson University (2018).

Creating content and curriculum are my passion. I enjoy executing those skills through mentorship and STEM endeavors.

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