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Celebrating Firsts: Periodic Table Edition

Celebrating first in STEM with @naturalgenius_stem! As promised we are continuing to celebrate our 1st year as Natural Genius STEM Solutions LLC, by recognizing firsts in the field of STEM. Check out these periodic table firsts!

The periodic table of elements is a tool used to list and organize all of the elements that scientist have discovered. Elements are specific types of atoms. Everything around us is made from atoms. The periodic table helps us learn more about atoms and the way they interact with each other. Discovering new atoms is challenging, exciting, and leads to majorscientificbreakthroughs. The periodictablethat we use today was created by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869. He worked very hard to perfectly organize the known elements. More importantly, he predicted & left space for the elements yet to be discovered. One individual who accepted the challenge of discovering new elements was James Andrew Harris. Mr. Harris was a nuclear chemist. He worked on teams that discovered not one, but two elements!

This was a remarkable accomplishment for any scientist. Even more incredible, James Andrew Harrison was the first African-American to discover an element. We can thank Mr. Harris for his contributions to elements 104- Rutherfordium, and 105- Dubnium.

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