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This Summer, Help Your Genius See Themselves in STEM Through Summer Literature!

”Though America will need to add 1 million more STEM professionals to meet workforce needs by 2022, African American youth are the least likely racial group to enter technology fields (U.S. Department of Labor). In order to ensure our students achieve in STEM fields, we must support and encourage partcipation and success in STEM among students of all ages. African American students are more likely to struggle with environmental barriers that can reduce academic performance, and not see themselves as having a place in the STEM community. We can help by increasing the number of diverse mentors and learning opportunities in and outside of the classroom.”(White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans).

Sustain STEM Exposure Through Literature

Summer vacation is underway. For many learners this may mean a loss in literacy & STEM exposure. A routine of STEM centered literature during the summer months will avert both situations. Natural Genius STEM Solutions Strongly supports crosscurricular literacy, especially across all STEM disciplines. Technical reading and writing, identifying the main idea, and analyzing the text are critical skill sets to master when developing proficiency in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Cultivate a Love for STEM. Maintain a Love for Literature!

When STEM literature is combined with creativity and imagination,it creates a wonderful tool tocultivate a love of STEM in students of all ages. This summer, increase learning opportunities & help your genius see themselves in STEM with these STEM books:

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